Rachel Rittenhouse

Christian fiction for ladies young and old

Looking Out My Window

August 1st, 2013

This is one of the poems that I wrote while at Messiah writing camp. The homework assignment was to write a short story or a poem. I was planning on writing a short story and was going to start with “She is a wildflower.” But as you can tell, I wrote a poem instead. I hope you enjoy reading it! 




Looking Out My Window

She is a wildflower. This girl

I observe from the window.

She is vibrant—but dainty. Her hair

Is auburn and the sun turns it into

Fire. Her skin is like a creamy peach

With freckles sprinkled sporadically.


She always wears long skirts;

Her shirts comes up high.

Her modest ways are catching—

I might give it a try.


But I fear there is a secret—

A secret no one knows.

Something she is hiding

Behind her rainbow clothes.

Her eyes are always clouded

Like a thunderstorm at noon.


What’s her secret? I don’t know

I have yet to discover what she holds.

Could it be she’s all alone:

Orphaned and frightened?

Perhaps she has been beaten

By one who wasn’t true.

Or perhaps her heart has been broken

Shattered in two.


In her hand there is a pad;

A type of legal pad. Her hand

Is always rapidly writing

Any thought that crosses her mind.

Perhaps she has been writing

What she keeps welled up inside.


Maybe, I should venture down.

Could it be, she needs a friend?

Someone there, to hold her hand

While tears trail down her face.


Perhaps, she is searching

For the One who holds her heart.

Maybe, I should go and tell her

He isn’t that far.


I look down and see her

Her eyes searching mine.

The cloudiness has vanished

And a smile, lights her eyes.


She extends her hand

Up to me; and shows me

What it is she hides.

Rachel Rittenhouse

Christian fiction for ladies young and old