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The Heart of Christmas

December 27th, 2013

Stars illuminate the midnight sky.

Never has there been a night so bring; I ask why.

All for a baby tucked in a manger, all for this tiny child. 

Angels sing a tender lullaby.

“Gloria in Excelsis Deo” rings throughout the skies.

Kings and shepherds congregate around his little bed;

unaware the baby simply rests his little head.

Animals are hushing now, their silent heads are bowed,

each one paying homage in the only way they know how.

On a still December night, when stars are bright and clear,

if you listen with your heart, then you perchance will hear

echoes of angels, singing their lullabies.

All for a baby, tucked in a manger, under the starry skies!

(All for a Baby–words by Ruth Elaine Schram)


What does Christmas really mean to each of us? How do we define it? What is the greatest gift that was given to us? I believe each of us can answer these questions differently because Christmas means something different to each of us.

For me:

Christmas means upholding the family traditions and embracing new ones. Christmas dinners and opening presents with family, going to church on Christmas Eve and worshiping the Christ child, picking out the right present for each individual, playing Christmas music since October, baking all kinds of Christmas goodies for my family and co-workers, sleepovers by the Christmas tree, and game nights with friends are all the traditions that I look forward to each and every year.

Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus’ coming to earth as a baby. The words in the poem above say that the stars illuminated the sky, the angels sang to Him, and the shepherds came to worship him–why? All for a baby.

The greatest gift that can ever be given to us is love (1 Corinthians 13). God sent His Son into this world because he loved us ever so much! A friend of mine posted on Christmas day, “Tell your family you love them.” How true that is and not just for Christmas day, but for the other 364 days of the year!

The heart of Christmas lies in what we make of it. Do we concern ourselves with the visible things of Christmas, like opening presents, or the invisible things, like spending time with family? Are our hearts open to hear the angel’s lullaby to the sleeping Christ? Are we like Mary who treasured up all these things in her heart?


“All for a Baby…under the starry sky”

A Poem Tribute to my Grammy

December 18th, 2013

Earlier in December, my grammy turned 70 years old. Being the writer that I am, I wrote a poem especially for her. Enjoy!


Ever since I was a little girl

I wanted to grow up to be just like you.

From sleepovers to Lancaster to day outings,

You have always inspired me.

I always wanted to grow up to be a baker-

Open my own bakery or work at Hennings.

Only you could make the finest cakes

And I wanted to too.

Now that I have grown older

The traditions you have created inspire me too.

Your emphasis on family and the bi-monthly dinners you strive to have

Complete with food fit for a king.

The time when you helped me with a mystery dinner

Or even when you cook the recipes handed down

Or the new ones that are gluten-free.

When birthdays roll around, you pick the very best gift

And you know our likes and dislikes.

Your ears and heart are always open to a knock at your door,

Your grammy nature worries as we’re driving on the road.

But something that’s even more special is that I know

You’re always praying over me in whatever path I go.

So now you’ve turned 70, your wisdom surpasses us all.

It doesn’t mean I love you less,

It means I love you more.

Rachel Rittenhouse

Christian fiction for ladies young and old