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Treasures of Family

July 23rd, 2015

Earlier in July, my family went up to Linck Hill (northern PA) for a family reunion. These reunions only happen once a year since I have family members living in Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina.

Reflecting on that, it is always a joyous time to see family and to reflect that we should make the most of our time with them.

Matthew 6:21 ESV says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

There are so many things that can distract us from spending time with our family, but we should begin to wonder “What is our treasure?” Our family will always be with us (hopefully!!), so we should do all we can to truly treasure our time with them. 

Going back to our reunion time at Linck Hill — it was fun because we were all together for a weekend in ONE HOUSE! This allowed us to spend time and get to know those who we only see once a year.

A Treasure Indeed. 

Our beautiful house for the weekend!

Our beautiful house for the weekend!


This kitchen was AMAZING!! :)

This kitchen was AMAZING!! 🙂

Evenings spent around the campfire

Evenings spent around the campfire

It was a wonderful time had by all! What special things do you do with your family?

Building a Launch Team

July 9th, 2015

Copy of have courage and be kindWhenever you are publishing a book, the most important thing to learn is that it is a group effort. 

Sure, you may be the author and sometimes it may feel like you are doing the bulk of the work–but you wouldn’t be going anywhere if you didn’t have readers!

And that is why you bring in your launch team! 


There are several different ways to build this team:

#1 – Influencers – these are the people who sign up to help you promote your work. They get to read an early copy of the book so that they are ready to post reviews and share your posts when the book comes out.

#2 – Book Reviewers – these are the people who read your book solely for the purpose of providing a review. This is similar to an influencers job, except that a book reviewer doesn’t have to do all the “extra stuff” that an influencer does (they are welcome to though!)

#3 – Friends – these are the people who may or may not have made it on your launch team officially, but they still play a vital role. They are so excited about your book that they just can’t wait to share it with everyone they know!


I am building an influencer team for my third book Accepting Change. If you are interested in joining, read my post HERE and see if you can commit to it! I would love to have you on my team.

SEARCH Fair Follow-Up

July 2nd, 2015

Two weekends ago, I had the amazing opportunity to be a vendor and speak at the SEARCH fair at Calvary Church. My session was entitled “How to Publish a Book.” If you are interested in having me speak somewhere at either a convention, church, or even small group, I’d love to get in contact with you!

And in case you couldn’t make it, here are some pictures of my day at SEARCH:


My table!









I love my job!


Speaking time - "How to Publish a Book"

Speaking time – “How to Publish a Book”


The whole day was such a blast! I love being an author 🙂 Is there something that you are passionate about that you love sharing with others?



Rachel Rittenhouse

Christian fiction for ladies young and old