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3 Tips to Craft Deliberate Dialog

December 11th, 2014

If there is one thing I love, it is dialog. Friends and family who are critiquing my work are always telling me that I use too much. But how? I love dialog!


I think it is important to remember a few tips when writing conversations. Here are some tips that have helped me in my writing:


1. Try to have conversations with just two people = This is important because it doesn’t allow for the reader to get confused about who is talking. It also keeps you as the writer less confused! When you are only using two people, you can eliminate the “he said” and “she said”. This can allow for longer, direct conversations and allows you to use lots of dialog.


2. Have one person “speak”, but describe the rest of the conversation in a paragraph form = This allows you to insert a lot of conversation, but it can allow the story to move quicker. Lots of dialog can slow the plot down, so when you can use descriptive paragraphs as a part of the conversation, it helps everything to flow.


3. Tell, but also show = If you do have a long period in which a character is talking, make sure you add some action as to what they are doing while they are talking. This way, you don’t bore your reader and you are also adding some excitement to the conversation.


So what do you think? Are these tips helpful for you?


Are you a conversationalist or more descriptive?? Comment below!!

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Rachel Rittenhouse

Christian fiction for ladies young and old