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May 28th, 2016

How do you know when an idea you have will turn into a good story? Each story has the potential of turning into a good story, but I don’t really know until I start having a personal connection with my characters. Once I started constantly thinking (and even dreaming) my character’s lives and even thinking of what will be in their life after this book is over, then I know it’s going to be good. In my mind, every book I write has a sequel!

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer? Ever since I was a young girl, I have always wanted to be writer. I have piles upon piles of short stories that I have written when I was younger. I also loved played dolls with my sister and that brought on many story lines!

Where do you get your ideas for your books? From reading books–sometimes even the title of a book or a characters name will stir an idea. Another way is just watching people. Different and unique phrases will stick with me or a person’s response to something will help me get it right in my character’s situation.

Besides writing, what is your favorite pastime? Reading, playing clarinet,  crocheting/cross-stitching, and playing Rook (the BEST game! If you have never played it, I will teach you! :) ).

Who or what inspired you to be an author? Laura Ingalls Wilder and Lousia May Alcott have definitely inspired me. I have read the Little House on the Prairie series and Little Women more times than I can count! I have always loved the idea of writing something that other people will read. When I was younger, I had it in my head that I wanted to be famous and live in New York City. As I have grown up, writing is something I love to do and I want everything that I write to bring glory to God and point girls to Him.

What are some of your favorite books? There are so many books that I love! As a general genre, my favorites are classics and historical fiction. I love the Little House on the Prairie series (Laura Ingalls Wilder), Little Women, Jane Eyre, Jane Austen (Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, Pride & Prejudice…), To Whisper Her Name (Tamera Alexander), Love Comes Softly series (Janette Oke), Anne of Green Gable series (L.M. Montgomery) and many more!!

Why do you like writing in the pioneer times? I have always loved that time period (again thanks to the Little House on the Prairie series–which I highly recommend reading!). When I was younger, I used to wish I was born in that period, you know, the carriages, prairie-land,  one-room schoolhouse, etc. Since I obviously can’t, I just write about it!

Where do your character inspirations come from? Are they based on people you know or have met? All my characters are based on someone that I have met. I couldn’t tell you who exactly, some characters are just personalities or the features about someone. I do have characters that I have been thinking of a certain person, but I won’t say who! That is to remain a secret! :)

Do you have a favorite place to write? Well, ever since I started sleeping on the top bunk of bunkbeds, I thought I would love to write up there. I think I wrote up there two or three times! Mostly I just like writing at my desk, but I will say, my best writing times are early in the morning or late at night!

What are you working on now? What a question to ask! I have so many books that I have started and haven’t finished. Usually I will “get stuck,” come up with a new story line, and start a new story. My goal now is to come back to them with a fresh look and work on them again.



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Rachel Rittenhouse

Christian fiction for ladies young and old