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Homeschooling 101: Introduction

October 2nd, 2014

I was homeschooled. And I would not change any of it for anything. Now if your mind is starting to spin with questions, don’t worry, because that’s why you are here. Being homeschooled, I have learned that people have a lot of questions, and most likely, it’s not because they disagree, but rather, they just don’t know what to think about homeschooling. They don’t know what it is.

Throughout the month of October, I will be touching on some of the basic and broad questions that I have received throughout the years. Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular these days because of the opportunities that are becoming more readily available.

And just so it doesn’t seem like I’m the only one doing the talking, I want to hear your questions!! Are there any questions that you have just been dying to ask a homeschooler? Please email me, and I’d be happy to touch on it in one of the upcoming posts.

To start off as an introduction to Homeschooling 101, I’d like to tell you about my journey. I have been homeschooled for eight years and I can’t say that I have ever regretted it. Fourth grade was my first year home. It was absolutely wonderful to be home and have my parents foster my education. Though I was in school second and third grade, I had been home for first and I knew what it was like. I am very much a homebody and introvert, so staying home was just my style.

Now that’s not to say that homeschooling is just for introverts, because it’s not. There are many different avenues and social outlets for even a person who is very much an extrovert. Then again, homeschooling isn’t for everyone, but it was for me and my family.

I could definitely say I developed a love of learning from being homeschooled. Now, that is not to say that I enjoyed doing school every time I was supposed to do it, but as I got older, I enjoyed it more and more. I was able to learn things based to my likes and interests and also be apart of many extracurricular activities (which we will touch more on in the following weeks!)

I would encourage you to check by my blog next week as I answer the ever so popular question of “Are You Socialized???” Well what do you think? Are homeschoolers socialized? You’ll just have to come on by next Thursday to see for yourself!

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Rachel Rittenhouse

Christian fiction for ladies young and old