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Homeschooling 101: Teaching

October 23rd, 2014

Today is the fourth Thursday of October which means we are almost done with the Homeschooling 101 blog series! Next week, I will be talking about some of the advantages from my perspective and other homeschoolers of being homeschooled, but I’d love to hear your questions too! So please email any questions to me and I will answer them on next week’s post!

This week though, I will be posting about teaching. Many people often say that they can’t homeschool because they wouldn’t know what to do or they aren’t certified. I’m hear to tell you that does not have to be your reason!

And since I was not a teacher, I am going to share an interview I had with two homeschool moms. Tara D. is a homeschool mom of four kids, two who have graduated and are now in college. Janelle R. (my mom!) is a homeschooling mom of three kids. I hope you enjoy reading about their perspective on teaching.


1. Why did you choose to homeschool your kids?

Tara D ~ Our desire was to raise our children to love Jesus, to create a strong family bond with lots of wonderful memories, and to educate our children in such a way that they would be an asset to their world as adults. Homeschooling was a wonderful way to accomplish those goals.

Janelle R ~ We chose to homeschool our daughters for various reasons,  one being, to teach them to love to learn, learning doesn’t have to be forced and can be enjoyable.  Another reason was so that they would have a loving relationship with each other.  We also wanted them to be grounded in their beliefs and love for Jesus before being tested by other influences.

 Our son is in traditional school this year since we have determined that he learns best in that environment at this point.  Each child learns differently and at a different pace, sometimes being at home is not the best for them.


2. What are some of the challenges of homeschooling kids of multiple ages?

Tara D ~ Our four children are spaced two years apart. They each homeschooled their grade-appropriate level in most subjects; history was the one area where we often learned material together. The early years of homeschooling were challenging, with babies and toddlers and school-age kids! Keeping to a routine (i.e. afternoon quiet times for all, whether it was napping or reading, or playing quietly) was one way we made it through those years. Learning when to close the books and make memories outside of school (i.e. taking fun family field trips for all birthdays) was another way to overcome the challenge and monotony of having the walls close in on you! :o)

Janelle R ~ The girls were 2 years apart in school,  while not a big difference, we did use their own grade-appropriate curriculum for most of the subjects.  One of the curriculum we used was a literature-based learning style and we would often sit and read together about the many great history figures in our past.


3. How did you go about your daily/weekly school schedule?

Tara D ~ I am a structured individual with a strong drive for organization and order. That said, our family woke up early enough that breakfast and all morning chores were done by 8:30. From then until lunch, or early afternoon, we tackled the books, each student primarily working independently. I created a master plan each Sunday, laying out the week’s expectation for each student. This “master plan” was a main stay in my kids’ educational experience! (ask them!) We did set a high bar for education and building a strong work ethic, because we felt those two things, together with a Godly character base, were going to allow our children to impact their culture in the future. We have two in college, one in high school, and our fourth in her last year of middle school, and all four are truly wonderful kids!

Janelle R ~ I loved schedules and would plan out their lessons for a few weeks at a time so they could see what needed to be done each day.  “School” was not just books either…we incorporated sewing,  cooking, baking, laundry,  grocery shopping, and field trips in their education also.  We were also members of many homeschooling groups through the years and have had many fun experiences with their peers.


So what do you think? Have you gained some perspective in what these teacher’s had to say?

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