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Rachel Recommends – Tip #2

May 5th, 2016

nf meme 3It’s time for Rachel Recommends – Tip #2: Keep a notebook with you always.”

If there is one thing that I recommend for an aspiring author — it is to always have a notebook with you!

This notebook is something that will assist you in putting into practice tip #1 of always writing down your story ideas. 

Whether you are study your surroundings or reading a book to capture words or phrases that you like, this little notebook will come in handy for keeping track of anything that pops into your mind.

When it comes to studying your surroundings, you may be surprised at what you can learn from watching other people. Remember, you are only one person. You can only know what you are thinking and you can’t create all your characters to have your personality!

If you are struggling to know just what to write down, think simplistically. Write what you see or hear. 

The thing to remember is — you never know what you might observe that could be the perfect fit for your story. 


from A Student’s Guide: 10 Easy Steps to Writing & Publishing


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Rachel Rittenhouse

Christian fiction for ladies young and old