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Rachel Recommends: Tip #5

August 11th, 2016

Rachel Recommends #5



It’s time for Rachel Recommends – Tip #5: “Attend writing conferences to learn and grow as a writer.”

This tip seems fitting especially after I just came back from a writer’s conference! I love the days after a conference when my mind is just bursting with new ideas!

At this conference in particular, I had the advantage of being on faculty and also attending the different sessions!




3 Reasons Why I Love Conferences: 

1. Learning – One of my favorites classes was attending Rachel Hauck‘s continuing session on “The Story Equation.” Seriously though, if you haven’t read any of her books, I would highly recommend it!

I love coming home and reviewing all the notes that I may have taken throughout the conference. Whether on marketing, writing, editing, or publishing, I found something to apply to ever area of my writing career.


Me with Rachel Hauck

2. Motivation//Encouragement – Being a writer, it is always possible (and highly probable) that you may fall into periods of self-doubt. You may think that no one understands your writing quirks.

Here at a conference, everyone is in the same boat as you — they love to write or they feel called to write. I always leave a conference feeling motivated more than ever to work on my next book!

Speaking at TeensWrite

Speaking at TeensWrite

3. New Friends – And as always, you always have the possibility of leaving the conference with more like-minded friends than what you would’ve started with!

I met up with one of my friends that I made at a previous conference. We were surprised to see each other there and we decided to email periodically to check up and encourage each other on our writing journeys.


Me and Abigail

And as nerve-wracking rooming with someone you don’t know, my roomie became such a good friend after that past weekend! The wonderful Angela Schans is an inspiring lady and it was wonderful to share like-minded stories and tips about CreateSpace.


Me and Angela


Have you ever attended a writer’s conference? 

If you love to write, I would encourage you to check out the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference next year!!

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Rachel Rittenhouse

Christian fiction for ladies young and old