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Rachel Recommends: Tip #6

September 22nd, 2016

Rachel Recommends #6It’s time for Rachel Recommends: Tip #6 – “Be concise when you revise.” 

Completing the first draft – what a sense of accomplishment. Writing a book is challenging and time-consuming, and to say that you actually finished your draft – well, that is a great start.

But you’re not quite finished with this draft yet. In fact, you are far from it.

You succeeded in getting your thoughts and ideas into written words on the page. Now it is time to rework and finesse them into something beautiful. A masterpiece.

Re-writing can sometimes be a step that is overlooked or avoided because it seems “too difficult.” Let me assure you that this step is vital in making your book truly wonderful.

I have found that revision, though it may seem exhausting, ends up improving the final product even more than what I could have imagined. Revision is something to be proud of and the time you spend revising is always well spent.

Revising your story can be an adventure. You can move scenes from one chapter to another. You can modify a certain character to better serve the situation. You can reword phrases to make them more precise. You can change sentences and eliminate words that aren’t developing the book.

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Anything is possible in rewrites. After all, this is your creation – YOUR STORY


from A Student’s Guide: 10 Easy Steps to Writing & Publishing


Do you enjoy revising your book? Why or why not? 

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Rachel Rittenhouse

Christian fiction for ladies young and old