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Rachel Recommends – Tip #7

October 27th, 2016

rachel-recommends-7It’s time for Rachel Recommends: Tip #7 – “Edit like crazy – don’t be afraid to change your plot.” 

Everyone has a different opinion of what you should keep or change in your first draft. Your job is figuring out which opinions matter to you and your story. Some editors will tear your story apart, while others will think your story is great. It is important to go through as many edits and rewrites as you need in order to get different perspectives. Don’t just settle for the opinion of one editor, especially if they made a remark on the content of your story. The bottom line is this: editing is vital.

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But, how do you know what changes to keep and what to disregard?

  • Do the changes affect the plot (fiction) or main point (non-fiction)? If someone gives you a suggestion (whether an editor, beta reader, or friend), figure out how it furthers your plot and adds to the meaning of the story. What makes the plot better? If the suggestion is taking your book where you do not want it to go, than you can merely disregard it.
  • Are the changes spelling or grammar corrections? If so, accept them all! Everyone catches something different, so the more people reading your draft, likely means fewer mistakes.
  • Are the changes about your character? Readers will have opinions about your characters. Ask yourself why the reader does or doesn’t like a certain character. If it aligns with how you intended your character to come across, then you should keep the character the way they are. If you can change your character to make him/her more likeable or unlikeable to the reader, then you should adjust accordingly.
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Editing is a step that can be repeated over and over and over again. Feel free to repeat this process as much as you want until you achieve the desired result.


from A Student’s Guide: 10 Easy Steps to Writing & Publishing


Is editing a struggle to you? What do you do to make the job more enjoyable? 

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Rachel Rittenhouse

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