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Study like an Online College Student

October 15th, 2015

Copy of 3 Step Method to Planning andReady to take your studying to the next level? 

Coming up on fall break, I am almost surprised that 8 weeks of college have flown by! And if there is one thing I’ve noticed about being in college — the work load is more and my time seems to have diminished.

Now how does that work? 

Here are some keys that have helped me take better control of making sure that I save enough time to do well in my classes.

Key #1: Budget Your Time — I found that I enjoy using Microsoft Outlook 365 and also an app called “Power Planner.” Both tools allow me to color code my different classes and activities so I can see how much time I’m spending and what’s “leftover.” The power planner app is especially nice because you can “check off” your assignment when you are done.

Key #2: Know Your Prime Time — You always do your best work at a certain time, so make sure you know when that time is. For me, I find that I work best in the evenings or in the day when I have something later. This helps me stay motivated to get my schoolwork done on time. Fiddle around with it. Try studying at different times of the day to see what works best for you.

Key #3: Allow Yourself Free-time — School can bog you down. Add work on top of that and you’re positively going crazy! But it’s important to take time to rejuvenate yourself. Spend time with your family, meet a friend for ice cream, or do another favorite activity. Even it’s only for 30 min, it can put your current situation in a whole new light and make you more motivated then ever!


Do you have any keys you want to share? Leave a comment! 


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Rachel Rittenhouse

Christian fiction for ladies young and old