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Summertime To-Do List

June 16th, 2016

Summertime To-Do List!Summer is one of my favorite times of year! I love being able to enjoy the sun, spend time with family and friends, and have a break from school! Though I’m intending to work a lot this summer, it is always a good idea to plan out some fun activities to squeeze in before it is suddenly the start-up of another school year.



Here are some things on my “summertime to-do”:

  • Day at the Beach ~ or multiple days! Can a person ever really spend too much time at the beach??


  • Fireworks ~ Summer isn’t complete without watching a firework show or two!


  • Bonfire and S’Mores ~ games, firepit, and s’mores are a must in my book. There is nothing like sitting around a bonfire with your friends!


  • Shadow boxes  ~ And since summer can’t be all outside, one must spend some time doing arts-n-crafts! I’ve always wanted to make a shadow box for each of my books, and with 5 already published, I’ve better get on it!


  • Write a book! ~ Because who else wouldn’t want to write a book one summer? 🙂 I already started tackling my newest one, so with my accountability out there now, *fingers crossed* the first draft (however messy) will be done before September!!


So what’s on YOUR summertime to-do list? Share below in the comments!!

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Rachel Rittenhouse

Christian fiction for ladies young and old