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To Snow or Not To Snow

January 29th, 2015

For those of you who watch the news or are living in the northeast, you will know that we have experienced quite the snowstorm and cold weather! I LOVE snow…when I have no where to go.

There is something so peaceful about watching it snow. But when I have to worry about family and friends out in the snow or my own schedule, then I begin to worry.



Music sweetly beckons me to rising,

Glancing out my window I find–

Snow: crystal white snow

That freshens the earth it lays upon.


School seems to come easier

Watching the falling snow,

Than dreary, bleak rain

That seems to stop the flowing of my mind.


The roads are quiet and untouched,

Car paths covered up by the rapidly

Falling snow; the blowing wind howls,

Shaking the windows, begging to come in.


Icicles cling to the trees that shake their branches

Ferociously; the snow continues falling

Piling up more and more

As the time continues to click on.


Little boys run around, not minding the cold

Which stings their faces; Dog dashes here

And there, looking like a snow puppy

When Mother calls him in.


Mother shovels sidewalks swiftly

Glancing behind her as the snow covers up

Her path; Father and I drive to work,

Snow clinging to the windows till the heat warms up the car.


But the night hastens on and the snow

Still collects; Warm soup sits on the stove

As the temperature continues to drop

And drop

And drop.


Who know when it will end–

This snowstorm. The wind shall howl,

The snow shall stick; till morning

Rolls around once more.


written by Rachel Rittenhouse


So…are you for snow or against snow? How do you stay warm in this cold weather?


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Rachel Rittenhouse

Christian fiction for ladies young and old