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Welcome 2015!

January 1st, 2015

Happy New YearHappy New Year! I find it hard to believe that it truly is 2015 already. Welcome to the month when people show that they really don’t know what year it is as they date papers 2014 when they really mean 2015 (happens to me all the time!)

In this post, I will be sharing what I was able to check off my checklist from December (read that post HERE is you missed it before).



Exciting drumroll…I was able to complete 6 out of 10 items on my list. Not bad, considering how busy my month was!

Here are some of the fun Christmas-y activities I took part in:

  1. Bake Christmas Cookies: This combines with #2 as well, but I had a group of my choir girls over for a Christmas party and we made and decorated Christmas cookies. It was so much fun to pick out cookie cutters and then see how everyone liked to decorate their cookies.
  2. Host a Christmas Party: Originally the Christmas party that I mentioned above was going to be at a friend’s house, but due to unfortunate circumstances, it was at my house. Christmas parties are so much fun especially when they include cookie baking, White Elephant, Four-on-a-couch, lots of food, friends, and fellowship!
  3. Make Ornaments: My young adult group made iron Christmas tree ornaments to hand out while caroling (unfortunately, I never got to carol for various different reasons…) but it was still a lot of fun to make ornaments!
  4. Go Sledding: Okay, so I am including this one. When I actually went sledding, it was on Thanksgiving but since we didn’t really get snow in December, I allowed it. 🙂 It got me in the Christmas spirit nevertheless!
  5. Christmas Movie Night: On various nights throughout the month, my family would watch the Christmas shows on TV, but on Christmas day, we went over to my grandparents and had a Hallmark movie night since we had already opened presents. It was such fun to be able to watch Christmas movies ON Christmas day!
  6. Sleep Under the Christmas Tree: On Tuesday night, my cousin, sister, and I slept over at my grandparents house and watched Hallmark movies and then slept under the tree before it was taken down. Twas the perfect was to end my Christmas season!
#3 - ornaments

#3 – ornaments

#4 - sledding with cousins

#4 – sledding with cousins

#6: Sleeping Under the Christmas Tree

#6: Sleeping Under the Christmas Tree



So that’s what I was able to accomplish, how about you? What fun Christmas activities did you accomplish? 


As far as looking towards the new year, I am always one to write out lots of resolutions and like my December To-Do list, some get checked off, others don’t. Sometimes I even lose my list! 🙂

Last January, I blogged about wanting to find joy in all situations and my goal to write down 1000 things I was thankful for. Didn’t quite make it. But this year, I want to renew that goal. Starting January 1st (today), my resolution is to write down 1000 things I am thankful for by December 31st. That’s about 2-3 things per day.

Would you like to join me in my challenge?

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Rachel Rittenhouse

Christian fiction for ladies young and old