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Writing Camp ~ part 1

July 17th, 2013

The week is half over. I find it amazing to think that I have only been here 2 1/2 days, when it feels like a week has gone by. You already received a bit of a teaser on my first day here, so now I shall elaborate more about my classes, lectures, and free time!

A typical class day has classes from 9:15-11:30am and 1-3:30pm. Except for Sunday afternoon, the afternoon classes are workshops meaning we get into a group of four and spend type critiquing each others poetry/stories that we wrote the night before.

The morning time is usually a class time. On Sunday, I had a class on poetry–metaphors, words, sound, & rhythm. Monday we learned about fiction/short stories, and Tuesday morning was another poetry session.

Every session, we would all read a poem or story and then discuss it: the details, metaphors, meaning, plot, characters…

poet : to experience something deeply

I think that is a wonderful definition. Sometimes it is hard to figure out what (or who) to write about. If we think of our experiences and what we know best, that would be a tremendous help.

Think about it: one of the exercises that we did on the first day was to link our name to a metaphor. Then once you got your metaphor, write a poem about it. Don’t think about the rhyme scheme or pattern, just write what is in your heart. Let your voice speak!


In addition to my class time, I also went to many lectures and extra activities. Sunday night, we had a picnic by the creek (which I didn’t get a picture of…). Then on Monday evening, there was a film and discussion with David and Crystal Downing (a professor at Messiah) who talked about the lives of Tolkein and Lewis. Finally, yesterday, I attended a college admission essay session talking about how to write an essay for college admission. That evening, I attended a reading many of the Messiah faculty who are published authors or poets.



All in all, you can see that I am never lacking for something to do! 🙂 I need to head over to the breakfast hall to start the beginning of a another day. Unfortunately, it is supposed to be 101 degrees. Perhaps I shall hang out in the library which is in the close vicinity of my classes. Have a wonderful day! Watch for part 2 and some more of my poems!


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Rachel Rittenhouse

Christian fiction for ladies young and old